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The Day I Chose to Start Living

Updated: Nov 25, 2018

It all started in the Spring of 2018. My husband and I were sitting in the quaint little coffee shop in Revelstoke, BC. We were on our last snowmobile trip of the season waiting for the rain to pass. I looked around the coffee shop as we waited for our morning brew. To my right was a group of friends who were chatting about last nights adventures, to my left was a older gentle man who was sitting reading the newspaper and just over my husbands shoulder was a couple, they looked like they were both working a way on their lap tops before they headed out skiing(I am assuming). As I watched, I knew right then and there that was the life I would like to create for myself. Work for me from anywhere at anytime.

As my husband and I sat and drank our coffee we talked about a plan. How could we create that lifestyle for ourselves. The plan would be small steps to create the end goal. I knew for myself, I just had to start choosing. I had my Personal Training Cert, I had just completed my Nutrition Cert now all that was left was to do was start choosing. We went out and enjoyed our last day of snowmobiling on the mountain. We headed back to the hotel that night. I new deep down in side that it was time for me to start putting the plan to action.

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