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How To Ask & Create Your Dream Life!

There is a few directions I could go with this one but I want to talk about my asks. The asks of the universe. These are where you get really clear and ask for exactly what you would like and sit back and let the universe do its thing.

Asking for what I desire has been the key to creating my dream life. When I first started asking and creating my dream life. My asks were small because I didn’t believe it could be that easy. Like asking a delivery man to come to the office so I didn’t have to drop off a package at Staples when I went to the city the next day. Yes that is right I created a delivery man walking into the office I was working at to pick up a package that doesn’t usually get picked up in my small town. My co-worker witnessed my struggle and tried to help me figure out what to do with that package for most of the day. When I finally had somewhat of a plan, she almost fell off her chair when the delivery guy walked in to the office at 3:45pm that day.

The next ask was for my very first mountain sled. I had just finished my very first Backcountry riding clinic and was in love with the sport and knew that this was the direction I was going with my riding. We were driving home from Revy and I decided it was time for a real mountain sled and I asked ‘Would the sled that would like

to contribute to my dream of backcountry riding please show up with ease, joy and glory.” I picked up my phone to look on Kijiji and there she was my dream plain black sled for sale in Red Deer. We happened to have one hole on the deck. With a phone call I organized to us look at it that night and brought her home. She was the best sled and she contributed so much to building me into the rider I am to day.

My next big ask was when I was ready to create a new job. I was done working where I was. I was done not right nor wrong just done. I loved working with everyone but it was time to move on. I asked for my dream job I wrote out what I would like that job to have. 1) An office with a view 2) Regular hours and no seasonal rush. 3)Flexible to work with my sled life and horse life.

I never asked for anyplace or job specific. 6-7 months later I seen a job in the paper and it lite me up so I applied. I got an interview. They showed me the office where I would be working. The view overlooked the river valley and town. They could accommodate to me taking my days off in the winter and summer for playing. The workload did have some busy times but not what I was working on getting away from. With getting clear I created my dream job for that time in my life.

A here we are a couple of years later and once again I asked and I got my dream.

Most of my asks I keep to myself because most people don’t want to believe that they are that powerful and that it can really be that easy. You just have to ask.

This last ask was the first time I told anyone and that person has got to witness the words I said come true. My husband was out riding with me and I told him about my new dream life or my ask. The ask was for my part time job to get busier so it could be more part time, so I could quit my current full time job and start my dream business of personal training and nutrition coaching. This was in October 2017. In Feb 2018 my boss at my part time job asked if I would be willing come on 2-3 days a week. It felt like a dream come true. I went home to tell my husband he looked at me and shook his head asking me “are you for real?” I smiled and shook my head “Yes it’s real” I took some to think about it because if I quit it meant I was ready to finally bet on myself and my dream. The beginning of May I choose to bet on myself and quit. It was one of the most scary moments and exciting moments in my life.

Here I am almost a year later to tell you that this has been the best year of my life. The best decision I have ever made.

So in order to create your dream life you need to do three things.

Get really clear on what you would like. Not the specifics like color but the energy of it how it feels.

You need to ask for it. My asks start with “ What Would It Take for…… to show up as if by magic”

Get back to life and stop thinking about it being impossible and allow the universe to give you what you asked for. Don’t get down if it doesn’t show up right away. It will always show up when you are truly ready for it.

Now get out your journal sit down and start getting really clear on what you would like to create for your dream life. If you don’t get clear and ask it can’t show up with ease. It really is that simple.

Happy Creating!!

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