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Good Bye 2018.....Hello 2019

2018 Quick Review

This past year has been a year of change and growth. The most growth I have experienced in a long time.

We had a great sled season with 20 riding days on the mountain. I was able to push myself and become a more confident rider.

We bought 5 cows and are getting more involved with the family farm. We rented 90 acres of hayland.

My husband and I also bought dirt bikes this year and fell in love with the challenge that they bring us. They have taken us to find new trails meet new friends and push ourselves mentally and physically.

We went on a few camping trips. I took my sister and husband on a 12km hike up a mountain out by Nordegg. Like straight up… they did awesome!

I didn’t barrel race much this year. I rode lots and my colts now have a nice start on them moving into 2019.

And the biggest changes was that I choose to quit my full time job for a part time one and to chase my dream of becoming a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach. Quitting my job was on the hardest things I have done mostly because it is the first time I have really ever bet on myself and my dream.

As we move in to 2019 It have got me thinking of what I would like to create over the next 365 day.

I have my big targets but those big targets aren’t as important as the habits and lifestyle that I would like to create to make those targets a reality.

My 3 big Targets:

1)Keep moving my business forward and get enough clients so I can quit my part time job.

2)Run my Colts at the 2019 CBHI Running at least in the middle to Top of the 2D

3)Run at least 2 of the 5 Peaks Trail Runs or compete in the Fem Sport Comp in Spruce Grove in July.

The one thing that has made me the most successful in reaching my targets is working on them one at a time. If I take on to much I burn out. I am just like everyone else I still have a life to balance my targets with life you know the adult stuff… work, farm chores, house work, and all other tasks that require me to live.

So I will work on each target specifically for 12-16 weeks. Once one goal has been achieved or the daily tasks have become daily habits. Then I will slowly start to bring in the new daily tasks to start working toward the next target. So this is what my year will look like.


This year my biggest priority is to get my business up and running. The next 12 weeks will be all about creating and posting content. Reaching out to prospective clients to converting them to paying clients hopefully. This will require me to be very consistent with my posting and reaching out to people. While creating client programs and working with the clients that have chose to work with me to reach their own specific targets.


Now that I have clients it is time to really focus on my personal goals. Running my Colts at CBHI is the most import goal to me this year. This is why I bought these two and what my dream is for us. Although this is only the beginning of our journey. This dream will involve a lot of ride time and calling on some friend for help. I will be traveling to jackpots and getting them used to life on the road. I will be required to step out of my comfort zone and really learn what it takes to push a young horse while listening to what each one need on their own. I will still have my older guys to ride and keep me sane when all need to do is ride.

April- Sept

5 Peaks races with my regular workouts these should fit in great and met me out moving through out my week. I have wanted to run a couple of races for a few years now and now is the time. Fem Sport is something I just discovered and had really peaked my attention It will require a lot of training and time commitment from me. I will pick if 5 Peaks races or Fem Sport will be my target by the end of March. Once I have chosen my target it is time to start training. I will build my training schedule and get to it!


I don’t have any targets for Fall as of yet other than the usual get ready for sled season. Which involves me getting back down in to the gym and picking up those heavy weights again. However when something comes up that I would like to try I will let you know. Maybe a hot holiday or something like that….

In order to make sure that keep my cup full so I can be a great coach, wife and overall person I have made sure to put non negotiable's in to my schedule each week. These are the things that keep me full of energy, my brain fresh for creating and making sure I am spending time with loved ones.

These are my non negotiable's for the things I schedule in no matter what!

These include:

1)Riding or working with my horses twice a week weather permitting or hauling to an arena. Time blocked Monday, Tuesday and Thursday afternoon or evening depending on the weather.

2)Three or four workouts a week. Two or three strength and one or two cardio. Time blocked Strength Monday Mornings, Wednesday Evenings, Cardio Friday Morning and Tuesday when I need a break in my day to move.

3) Dinner and movie night with my hubby on Sunday nights. We rent a movie, make a nice dinner and put our technology away for the evening. This has been a long standing tradition of ours…. like 12 years and about 95% of our Sundays. Also time blocked.

4)Meal Prep making sure that I have healthy nutritious food in my house prepped and ready for the week is a key to keep up my energy. Also Time blocked

5) Journaling this includes scheduling my day, my morning gratitude's, setting my daily intentions and writing out my dreams as if they have already happened. Every evening reviewing my day and what worked and what didn’t, my wins and evening gradititude's. Every morning and evening….no matter what!

My 2019 will also include:

~A few Mountain camping trips two on horses, two or three on dirt bikes and one hiking.

~5 or 6 Mountain Sledding trips hoping to get at least 15 days on the hill again this year. Weather permitting come on mother nature give us the goods!!!

~Lots of time spent with family and friends.

~And of course a few big Barrel racing Jackpots.

2018 was a year of a lot of change and growth. I hope 2019 also includes a lot of change and growth but also a lot of adventure, laughs and friends family time.

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year and the best year so far….

2018 Adventure Pics

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